How it Works

1) All photos – which are available for download a on this website – are free to use for your personal or business use under further limitations:

2) You get the unlimited free licence to use free photos on your websites, print them or use them in your business. Free photos are still copyrighted – the free licence doesn’t waive the copyright or transfer the copyright to you!

3) You are NOT allowed to RESELL or REDISTRIBUTE free photos from this website! This includes e.g. printing and selling pictures on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, postcards or anything else or providing photos for download on any website or device. You are not allowed to upload these photos to stock agencies, including free stock photo websites, or wikipedia/wikimedia.

4) The photos are provided on the as is base and it is EXPLICITLY stated that there is NO WARRANTY! If you break the rules, loose money or get into any type of trouble (because of using the free photos) – its your fault.

5) If you need anything special, more photos, large resolution etc. – contact author at zbynek(snail) – normal RF or RF editorial licences are available for $1-$5 per photo.

6) This deal is based on fair use and common sense. Use the photos, have fun, make no harm to author or other people. Simple as that. Good folks know what this means and bad folks don’t care anyway.