Are the photos really free?

Yes, the photos are completely free. There is a free royalty-free licence and you can use the photos as you wish. You are not allowed to resell or redistribute the photos.

Do I get the copyright to the photos?

No, the copyright still belongs to the original author.

Can I use the photos on my website?

Yes, definitely! There is no limitation except reselling or redistributing the photos.

What is the size of photos?

Photos are available in the full resolution. Most photos are between 10-16 megapixels large, no photo is bellow 4 megapixels.

What about the quality of the photos?

Photos are properly edited and retouched. There are no excessive noise, bad focus or other image quality problems. The brightness and colors might vary depending on your hardware.

Do I have to credit the author/website?

No, there is no obligation. But backlink to this website is highly appreciated.

Do I need a model release?

Most photos do not contain any recognizable persons. If there are any body parts visible, the model release was solved by the author and you don’t have to worry.

What about property release? Do I need that?

Available photos are free of trademarks and logos. There might be some shady areas about barely visible private car, someones house, backyard or design – author sold several thousands of royalte free licences via over 10 stock agencies and there was never a single problem.